Summarising e-mail after quitting my job

2009-02-24 01:09 +01:00
Time to call it quits and move on!


Not even 2 months ago, I wrote the below.

I did get some friends here (and even made out with a girl on a dancefloor and afterwards, and met up with her the following week too Wink ).

However, I've gotten so much conflicting (and just weird) stories from people within the same company, that my motivation has hit rock bottom. Maybe also combined with the fact that I was living totally on my own, since my boss hasn't returned in 2009 for lack of money.

My Hungarian colleague convinced me to stay because he had big plans, and I really trust him... but after yet 3 more weeks where nothing happened... I couldn't ignore it anymore. Despite totally liking the work itself, I was just busy with everything except working -- and I didn't even care about the deadline I was missing. All I cared about was not hearing yet more stories from my boss.

Just before a deadline this monday, which I wasn't even close to making, I told the people by e-mail that I quit. Quite irresponsible, I know -- I told them they could keep their money and I'd be off (including reasons which I'm sure they'll understand.)

I was afraid of doing this because now I have no income or exact way of knowing where to get one (although I do really want to keep working in this website-programming-stuff). And I should really get an income within half a year. Even my location is totally open, because there's nothing that's keeping me anywhere at the moment.

But that soon changed.

THREE MINUTES AFTER I FINALLY sent my 'I quit' e-mail, I get a mail asking if I want to still come to DrupalCon. Which is a half-yearly conference on this website stuff - the one that started my career in this area half a year ago. I had been heavily thinking of attending and visiting a friend afterwards, but... was too late registering. It was sold out weeks ago and I was number 90 (or so) on a waiting list, with no feedback on places coming available. And now suddenly I get the offer! So I immediately started organising things here.

Oh yeah, this time, the conference is in Washington, D.C. Smile

I'm flying to the Netherlands on wednesday, taking care of some outstanding stuff, and will hop across the ocean on monday. After the conference I'll visit the friend. U.S. customs won't let me in without a return ticket, so I booked one for the beginning of april, but I have absolutely no idea if I'm going to stay for 3 days or 3 months after the conference. I'll see what life has in store for me...