6-14 may: new well paying job! Well, almost...


Thursday may 6th, I had been alone at home with the cat for nearly a week, programming on a website without a clear deadline...

within 26 hours from first phonecall to 'you're hired'

feb-apr '10: work grows a bit; my working tempo a bit less...


Dear diary,

Wellwellwell... the consistent updating of my blog isn't working. I guess I'll always keep the habit of "first finishing a few things, and blogging afterwards", but things never really get finished Wink

I did do more work done than before, from the end of january to the end of april. Or at least the first part of that period I've been constantly busy -- if you count 'compulsively reading newspapers and other internet sites' as 'being busy', that is Wink

Jan-10: Two months of 'work', on... one and a half web site...



In case anyone was wondering: yes, I'm still alive...

Last time I said (though it was in Dutch) that I had two and a half website assignment still lying around, and really had to get to work fast. Well: it took two months to get one and a half site finished.

Ofcourse, in this manner I will never make a full income for myself. It's my own fault; I'm just distracted too quickly when I'm contantly working alone at home.

English summary of march-september '09


Hi guys, over there on the West Coast,

I finally finished putting my 'diary/blog' posts on this website. But they're all in Dutch. To close it off, I thought I'd write a little summary in English - but instead of addressing "dear diary", I thought I'd address you guys.

I just wanted to say thanks again for letting me stay for an 'undetermined' amount of time. It was pretty good to have a place where I could just 'be' and relax... having no idea where my future would lie. You've been pretty relaxed housemates and made me feel comfortable staying there.

Big update e-mail

2009-01-08 01:47 +01:00
Happy 2009 -- accompanied by a life update

Hi all,

Happy 2009! May all plans that you take on, come true as you wish them.

I have been planning to write to some people about what has happened to me, for over a year. But my English-speaking friends always come last... and most of you I have already told parts of the story.

Since this covers over a year and is meant to update every English speaking acquaintance, it's long. Most of you can actually ignore part #1 unless you want to reread it...

part #1: unemployed until august