Jan-10: Two months of 'work', on... one and a half web site...



In case anyone was wondering: yes, I'm still alive...

Last time I said (though it was in Dutch) that I had two and a half website assignment still lying around, and really had to get to work fast. Well: it took two months to get one and a half site finished.

Ofcourse, in this manner I will never make a full income for myself. It's my own fault; I'm just distracted too quickly when I'm contantly working alone at home.
The assignments have partly run late because it has been much more work to do everything really neatly, than I invisioned. Also I'm spending much more time on learning/investigating things, than I would have thought. For instance I'm losing time because I don't always choose the best way of implementing things, and then I'm doing double work when afterwards I redo things in a better way.

Still I wanted to finish things neatly; these sites are my first 'completely built by myself' sites and I want to have a good reference and satisfied customers. (If they're still satisfied after the delay.) So I'm doing relatively much work for relatively little pay.

But oh well. We'll see how things go with the next web site. I still have one to do that I need to start on now, and another small assignment has been added to my work queue.

Nothing much else special has happened in the past months.

There has been one thing that has especially 'distracted me' and which has actually cost me weeks of time: the web site 'boylover.net' has been taken down on december 1st through an internationally coordinated law enforcement effort. Despite the fact that I have nothing to do with that web site, I've been pretty intrigued by the question why this has been done and whether the police acted on the grounds of correct information. Also the takedown has had consequences for people (and web sites) in my surroundings. There was a lot of speculation and panic among some people, and I've spent a good deal of time trying to untangle all that information and tone down false rumours. (I won't go into details now; maybe later. Barring any information I'll have to assume that the Dutch police is still actively performing some investigation.)

For ther rest, almost nothing happened.
Yes, the end-of-december holidays were nice and nothing special.
A few days before that, some people have stayed over for a few days. They were 'snowed in' because there were hardly any trains running in the Netherlands for two days.
My mother is going to move into a new apartment, and I've helped out a little with refurbishing that one (while I slept at her old place and could work on my web sites at night).
And I've tried to rent a 17U rack at XS4ALL together with some other people, so we would have some room to move around when e.g. hardware would need to be repplaced in the future. After quite some working out of details, it eventually didn't go through for cost reasons. (Measured in current capacity that's included, a 17U rack is not relatively cheaper than renting separate 1U spots.) So my current setup at XS4ALL remains intact for now.

Let's see when I finish my next web site...