Can Wikisposure really be THIS stupid? Apparently they can...

2009-10-23 18:11 +02:00
If you 'expose' me... could you please do it CORRECTLY?

Hi again,

Please don't get me wrong here. If I call you a bunch of fucking morons (or language of that kind), further along in this e-mail, that is not meant to display anger. It is meant in a slap-on-the-shoulder kind of way.

The world will probably agree with me here, that this kind of stupidity is really only useful for making fun of. I'm starting to like you guys for it. You're my buddies.

Anyway... on to my point.

Some of you must have read my 'letter' ( after I e-mailed you with the link... because you have updated my profile one day after I did so.

And what did you do?

You did NOT update my name.

(I'll digress again. Maybe you missed it because the text was too long for you. At the end of my letter, I told you that the top of your page says BOTH "Roderik Muit" AND "Robert Muit" for the past fourteen months.
Maybe you didn't understand my letter; I will repeat myself. I am not called Robert. It is not my nickname. It is not anyone's name. This is not a trick of me. Your editor 'Determined' just cannot remember a name for as long as it takes to write a page, and noone in your organisation spotted this for 14 months. That includes 'Summerbreeze' who actually edited the block that says "Robert Muit" once, without correcting the name.)

So... what DID your editor 'Gwb3' update then, yesterday?

Two small things.

1) (s)he amended the link '' with a remark "page removed".

I am sorry for confusing you... due to a setup change to my website, the language prefix 'en' has been dropped, so that URL now gives a 404 error. No page has been removed, however. That URL used to lead to the front page, which is still there. THE WHOLE WEBSITE IS MINE. You could have just changed the URL to ''.

And if 'Gwb3' had taken a few seconds to look around, and switched one brain cell on, (s)he would actually have seen that. There are a few clues, namely:
- the address '' in your list of e-mail addresses
- the link DIRECTLY ABOVE '' in your list of links. That link is '' AND IT STILL WORKS. 'Gwb3' must have checked it too.

2) You added '' to the list of links. It's a Twitter page.

The only way you could have seen this is by reading the front page of, where I am just experimenting with Twitter integration. (It still looks ugly, I know.) This also proves that 'Gwb3' CAN actually read, when making an effort.

Now, maybe you are not familiar with the concept of Twitter. If a tweet (a 'twitter message') reads like '@SOMEONE: text', that text is sent TO someone. NOT BY someone.

In other words, you have the wrong twitter account mentioned, of a family member TO whom I sent a message.

I'm not bothered, nor is he probably, but I would prefer you to keep your information accurate. If you must collect links on me, please collect the RIGHT ones. This link on your page just makes you look stupid, because people know it isn't me. (Did 'Gwb3' check the name of the person who owns that account? His real name IS mentioned on the top right of the page, you know...)

I'll make it a contest, however. My Twitter account name does not seem to be mentioned on my site (which is not on purpose; the module I'm using just doesn't seem to do that yet). So... go look for it!

I know it must be really really hard for you, because Twitter does not show my account in searches for my name yet. (It probably will after I start using Twitter more, but it doesn't now.) So you have to actually search AND think.

So I'll give you a hint. You would probably have never thought of this:

Google 'Roderik Muit Twitter'!

It is currently two clicks away from that Google page. Not one, but two. You need to get there indirectly. Tell me how many seconds it took you, OK? If you find it, you will definitely know it is me. And you can put it on 'my' Wikisposure page! With the satisfying feeling that you have actually found information YOURSELF (almost)! Yay!

So, that is the full list of changes you made. Two small changes, making for three miserable failures. ('still not correcting my name even after having been told' also counts as one.)

Here's a few short tips to make Wikisposure better:

1) Devise some kind of test for your editors, that forces them to use at least one brain cell. If they fail, ditch them.

2) Assign 'buddies' to Wiki editors, who can teach them how the internet really works.

3) Have that buddy doublecheck ALL edits for a considerable period of time. Maybe that will, in the end, make it so that Wikisposure is NOT considered a worthless pile of crap by the thinking general public.

I really honestly hope to God that you are not already doublechecking edits and proofreading these pages. Because if you are... man. There's only one thing you can do, to do some good for the world. Collectively jump off a cliff and raise the world's average intelligence significantly, in one instant.

Anyway... thanks for making me snicker... again. I had fun writing this mail. I consider us 'buddies in humor'.

But please. Fix the glaring mistakes in your page, so not more people will see this stupidity. OK? I know it must not be nice being confronted with one's own lack of brains, and yes one of them has been around for 14 months already... but it cannot be helped anymore. Keeping them really only makes things worse.

The other two have been around for only a day, so maybe noone will see them if you are quick.

(Uh - oh wait. Too late, I already mirrored the page...