Just Ro: News

27 June 2003: Website was offline for 4 days. I took away all pages since I was featured on the website of a very-right-wing political party saying I was a pedophile, and people there were selectively quoting parts of my pages. (Life's weird, huh?) I put them back (unchanged) now that the discussion there is over. We'll see what the future brings.
I am keeping the 'photos' section offline, because I need about a day (which I don't have) to regenerate it with different photos... and I want to strip out all photos of people of who I'm not sure they want to be associated with me.

12 August 2002: Near halt in website activities over the past year, but now I added a huge 'Photos' section.
I also made the website searchable, see the input box at the top left. Don't know if it's useful, but it might... and I needed to install the search capability for another website anyway.

19 August 2001: A couple of updates at once:
Completed 'my assignment from 13 July', changed a lot more text in the 'hidden boys section' & gave it some TOC-like links on the left like the other pages already have. Did some automation on the 'main' page and added a list of most recently changed pages (which means that the 'boys section' is not so hidden anymore... Oh well...) And finally added a web interface to the CVS repository holding my pages. (This is mainly for myself, since I may sometimes want to look up what changes I made to some page a while ago. I don't expect other people to be that mad, but the functionality is there now...)
All in all, the site is a lot closer to complete again. I'll probably add content to some pages in the coming time, which you now can keep up with through the 'most recently changed files' list.

29 July 2001: Wow, two updates in the same month! Will this be the start of a new trend? We'll see...
I redid the text logos on the left: made them simpler and less ugly. (I did myself a favour and learnt some GIMP basics which saves me hours of making the space around the letters transparent by hand... Can you believe I actually did that for the previous logos?) Nothing happened to the actual text on the pages, so my assignment from the 13th still stands.

13 July 2001: Well, it took me about 2.5 months to get that main page translated, and to do something about the broken links on the 'me' page... Except for that, I've done some minor rearrangements (automatically put copyright notice everywhere) but no real work on my pages here.
I did some work in other places, though: put up a 'real' webpage on the 'root site', and produced a long story (in Dutch) on www.comingout.nl. My next assignment will be integrating that story into these webpages, but I'll leave that for next time...

24 April 2001: picking up some speed...
I have been writing a lot of stuff. (Some of the stuff is actually already several months old, but was not linked from my main page until now. Now everything is integrated. I wonder what the reactions will be...)
I did some automation as well, so that now the table of contents is generated automatically -- which is especially necessary since there may be pages in English, Dutch, or both. (I'm not going to try and make a consistent decision anymore, and just write things in whatever language suits me.)
So now it's really evolved into a proper set of pages, for Dutchies at least. (I should only translate the main page in Dutch soon -- will do tomorrow, I think *yawn*)

20 march 2001: and last time I thought that 5 months was a really long time...
In the past months, I've gotten me a Cu2 page which I dumped some information on. I now moved this information to the 'me' page. That's why it came out in Dutch. I'll see about the language issue one day...
I've also moved www.muit.nl from my cute little notebook router sitting in my closet in Amsterdam to my former-home-machine-turned-server in Delft some time ago. Not that that had any consequences for the pages...

6 september 2000: It's amazing, I keep doing things on the 6th! (Well, and 5th; it's just past midnight now.)
What's even more amazing is that nothing has been done on these pages for 5 whole months! I should be ashamed of myself!
I've just moved this page to its new URL, http://ro.muit.nl, which has forced me to make some changes to this text... And I've now forced myself to make at least dummy pages with empty content, so all the links work. I don't have much confidence I'll get much else done soon. The rest of my life's too interesting, sorry ;-)

6 april 2000: It's about time I did something again, because there's been an unchanged index.html with dead links for 2 months now. I've installed a fully worked out index.html page now, which also serves to experiment with logging. The rest of the website is still not there so no links work! No idea how long it's going to take before this gets to be a full website...

6 februari 2000: I finally got round to setting up some pages and here's the concept layout.