This page is growing slowly, very slowly...

For now, the 'stuff' is 'stuff I programmed'.

MSX Stuff

The most important part is some MSX stuff I wrote a long long time ago, in a life far far away, which some people asked for. I'm in the process of going through my old files and seeing what I can put online here. No promises on a timeline...

Other Stuff

Then there are some thingies I programmed for myself, which might or might not be interesting for a few other people. Usually these things are so specific that they're only interesting to very very few people, who will never find this webpage, but hey, you never know...

One of these things is a Perl script which I wrote to automatically extract data on houses-for-rent from the Woningnet website and stick the information in one table. (On Woningnet's website, it is impossible to get a good overview of all info you want to see.)
You can view/download it here. Comments are inside the script. You only need Perl5 and a lot of CPAN modules; I won't bother with installation instructions. No further information necessary, I think.
If anyone ever uses this, I appreciate mail with any comments!

On my machine (linux 2.4.18 on sparc64), I have a problem with ipac-ng. Fetchipac screws up numbers in a predictable way. (It substracts the numbers it counted previously from the current numbers, which gives me negative numbers - or actually, HUGE positive numbers which make ipacsum choke.)
I haven't been able to find a reference to anyone having the same problem or a fix, so I hacked together something in perl which fixes up the numbers before calling ipacsum.
See the bottom of the perl source for better understanding of the exact problem I had. (It contains part of a mail I posted to a message board).

There's more scripts I made for myself, once upon a time. For instance, I did some pieces of Perl which extract stuff from NNTP servers, and do a decent job of handling 'multipart binary stuff'. They work well. They just don't have any documentation yet and I should make them use or something (rather than defining constants inside the perl code). That can probably take forever, since there is no incentive for me to put them here other than to fill this webpage... If someone who happens to stumble over this page wants to have them: wake me up.