MSX Stuff


Hi, MSX lovers around the world! Look, I have an MSX page too! Sooooo retro! Aint I cool?

Eh, no, I'm not an active MSX user anymore. I sold mine in 1998 and hardly touched an MSX emulator since. But 3 years later, several people asked me for sources of stuff I'd written, so I dug them up and put them here. (What I could recover, which isn't much -- because a few months before that, I seem to have lost the backup of my MSX harddisk! AARGH!)

(By the way, I assume that all 'regular' people already zapped away by now. However, if you're still here and wondering what this MSX thing is, you can read the answer on an MSX site which is still active...)

OK - so what do we have here?


This is an FDISK variant for the MSX, which can handle a lot of different partition types. And it looks nicer than any other FDISK program I've seen so far, even on the PC :-) I have the following files for you:

  • the binary of v1.2. (Do not run on a PC!!!)
  • the source of version 1.0, written for the GEN80 assembler. (Unfortunately, I lost the source for version 1.2.)
  • novaxtab.pma, which you may want to grab if you have a BERT (or MegaSCSI) interface, to convert the written partition table format to the 'real' BERT format, since NFDISK has a bug in there...
  • the mail exchange I had with the person who asked for this, to provide some context/documentation.