About this website

This is the place where I (Roderik Muit) can dump all opininons, diary entries, technical things & documentation, photos and everything else I feel like throwing online. Also, sometimes i use this site to try out some things related to Drupal, the system powering this website.

(I started this habit in times when "putting online all kinds of stuff which the world couldn't care less about" was still considered strange behaviour. Nowadays, it seems you're old fashioned if you don't. How times change Wink )


Heavily outdated, overrun with spam, has not seen an update since spring of 2010, and does not contain a reference to my completely changed working life since then. I promise I'm not hiding anything, I just don't get to updating this site Smile I updated my work site in August 2013 and maybe I'll get to at least posting some new stuff here again, a bit later...

Some details on the workings of this website:


This site is bilingual and doesn't care to stick to a 'main language', much like myself. Most of the content is available in one language only (English or Dutch). To prevent people from missing things, overview/summary pages show content intermixed in both languages, by default.

If you read this, the language setting is 'English', like the menu on the left - and you should be able to switch to Dutch. Content which is available in Dutch, changes with the setting. Content which has not been translated will remain visible 'in the wrong language', English.

So: all content which is now visible in Dutch, has not been translated. If you don't read Dutch (and don't want to know about content of this site that you can't read), you can turn off that language on the 'recent posts' page. I hope/expect the page will remember your settings.


I've made an attempt at striking a balance between 'free flow of information' (and my own freedom to do as I please in this place), and preventing unsuspecting visitors from being immediately scared away or drowning in a pool of uninteresting blah.
That's why not all types of content are immediately visible upon entering the front page. But everything is still accessible without much effort. Somewhere in the left sidebar should be a heading saying "Content with these tags is hidden". By clicking 'show' on the desired terms, you can drown yourself in scary / nerdy / boring subjects. These settings should be remembered upon subsequent website visits.


You can also create an account (see the 'Log in' link), without my intervention. (The only thing needed is a working e-mail address.) This will not give you access to extra content, you are not bound to membership of a secret club and I will not like you more than I do already. (Also your e-mail address will not be used for anything except sending mails from this website; trust me.) The only thing an account gains you is the possibility to 'subscribe' to content/comments on this site. When that content is updated or comments are added, you will receive automatic notification by e-mail.
(There is no manual available for this; it's just something I decided to try out. See if you find your way around it... and if you don't, or if logging in using OpenID does not work, contact me.)

Also, comments from people who are logged in are published directly. (Those from unregistered people are read by me before becoming publicly visible.) Both logged-in and non-logged-in people need to fill 'captcha' codes while submitting a comment. I'll see how this system works out and whether it will need adaptation.