The fine print (about me and work)

[ this is more or less 'scratch space'. I have 'parked' a section of text that used to be on my work website. Maybe I'll rearrange it later.
If you become curious after reading this, you can look at my 'dealing with the anti-peds' text. ]

The fine print

I would be most grateful if companies hiring me were not inclined to panic if they received slanderous anonymous messages about me.

I am somewhat involved in the debate on controversial topics, through my ownership of the website These topics will not be discussed here, just as they have never been discussed or have otherwise been a problem at my work place. Everyone with genuine interest in related topics has so far expressed support for what I am doing, never opposed it.

However, I have been hurt by the fact that this subject cannot be explained in a few sound bites. In late 2007, after a brief media appearance, a group of (anonymous and unaccountable) people has taken steps to get me fired from my then-current project, and succeeded. Their action was unanymously condemned, however this did not get me back working on that particular project.

I would like for that not to happen, since it only harms the quality of the work I deliver. However I would also like not to have to keep quiet everywhere, about things where everyone who spends the necessary effort, concludes that my opinions are useful. In my view, the only effect this has on my work is that it has gained me:

  • ability to 'think out of the box' and handle difficult topics with an open mind
  • good debating skills and a well developed sense for separating truth from misleading arguments
  • proven ability to stay focused on usefulness in a potentially hostile atmosphere
  • ability to withstand attempts at blackmail and slander

I reiterate that this is -and has been- no topic of discussion on my side, anywhere in the work place. I am as happy to ignore it as most people are - even though you are more than welcome to ask me for specifics if you want to. The only reason for bringing up this topic at my work related website, is to bring up the fact that an employer might receive one or two attempts at destroying my credibility. These attempts will be by e-mail or some other 'easy/disconnected' medium, they will be from persons who are either anonymous or have a proven track record of slander, and you are free to ignore them or discuss them with me, at your will.

That's all.